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Monday, November 23, 2009

What is ukhuwah really?

Salaam dear readers,

It's been a while. Hurmm..I want to talk about ukhuwah today. Ukhuwah is a difficult thing. You can be so close to a person but yet still do not understand her fully. You might have known a person for less than a month...but it seems like she's the long-lost twin you've been dreaming of...instantly compatible :D. And you could have known her for like forever...but there are times that you feel like she is a total stranger.

I dont want to go into details about how ukhuwah is in Islam, how there are many hadiths and ayah from the Quran touching on this. I am sure my readers are well aware of that. All I want to say is that...when you're close to someone, and you made a small mistake...we're so easily hurt by that. My sister once said; Kenapa kita senang terasa dengan orang yang kita sayang? And I have to agree with that. Ukhuwah for me is about give and take. It's not just about being on the receiving end but sometimes you have to give to receive. If you want more, you have to give more. How could you expect others to constantly give to you without you being on the giving end too? Otherwise, it's not called ukhuwah, that is not friendship.

I've met many kinds of people. And not many are as close to my heart as those called "sisters" to me. Not merely sister by blood relations, but this is the sisters who are with me through thick and thin, understanding me inside out (sometimes maybe :P). It's not easy for us to be like this. It requires a lot of sacrifices, not just any sacrifices...but sacrifices of your precious times to listen to them (sometimes we don't need words, all we need are someone to listen to us), sacrifices in terms of you own feelings (sometimes you have to hold back what you want for the sake of your sisters, because you know she needs it more)...and maybe even sacrificing yourself. These are the things that glued us together, that sometimes people look at us and wonder "How could they be so close?" or people look on with jealousy "Why are they not like that with me?". Let me tell you this, if you want a share of that..you have to do your part. It's a two-way thing. We cannot be selfish and want all that love to ourselves only right ;)

Wherever you go, you will always find these people you can call "sisters". Here is a blog entry from Kak Zaatil way back in 2006. This was when we went for a picnic not far from my house on Oxney Road. As usuals there will be hiccups along the way, and this is the way we make up for it. We had a bit of a misunderstanding, with the effort of another sister we manage to get some stuff to eat (mainly fast foods from the many fast food outlets along Curry Miles) and walk together to Plattfield in the lovely spring afternoon. Oh, how I miss those moments.

Berehlah di Plattfield...

Gambar dan caption sahaja dulu. Belum ada masa untuk menulis entrynya.

Inayah (bukan nama sebenar ;-p): Janganlah bagi angsa makan fries, nanti dia berak cair. (Haha!)

Melangkah ke hadapan dengan semangat dan tekad!

Tu la, bagi lagi makan kat mereka. Kan mereka sudah meminati saya...

Stalkers saya. Tanak kawan dengan mereka lagi.

Sakura ungu mempesona. Gugurnya di riba kembara.

Ladies in Black. Sori kepada yang kena censor wajahnya.
(along: try finding me :D)

In the mean time, this'll just have to do. *winks*

Photography skills Sheila yang amat mantap.

Gambar yang saya ambil cikai sahaja. Jeles kat Sheila!

Teka ni bunga apa? Bunga tulip Sheila (janggal kan?)

Hehe. Takpelah gambar saya ambik tak comel pun. At least bunga saya lagi comel daripada Sheila. Bunga curik dari Plattfield semuanya.

Alhamdulillah, even though it will never be the same, I found the same sweet people here in UTP. Thank you sisters. And I am sorry if I am not a good sister to you guys...and I am sorry if there are others who felt left out. It is never my intention to do so. Of course you're always welcomed among us.

I have a lot to write, many things in mind at the moment. But as usuals, the moods are not quite there. I have another final paper to go before I end my second year here. Pray for me ok! More importantly, pray that I have the will to revise for the upcoming paper: Process Instrumentation.

Until then, wassalamu'alaikum wrm wbt.

along: A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.


HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

Kenapa kita senang terasa dengan orang yang kita sayang? <--suprisingly ikhwah ni makin sayang makin senang diusik..which we can't do the same joke to others..tu pentingnya ada bond yg kuat...kalau gurau2 pn..tak terasa lebih..tapi kalau gurau lebih2..tu mmg boleh buat terasa

terry bogart said...

Ukhuwah for me is about give and take.. <<--suka quote ni coz it just like my princip..

satu lg.. ukhuwah ni subjektif.. coz ada org pegang, ukhuwah ni antara komiti n geng2 dia je.. tapi pada yg pegang konsep yg luas, ukhuwah tu persahabatn ngan semua ciptaan Allah..

for me?.. its all about love n sacrifice....

Nurul said...

wuuuuuuuuu feel so teary eyed!

esp when thinking tht i might never experience such relationship with a group of ppl again...

thank you and sorry for everything. i'm really happy Allah gave me the chance to know you

along rufaidah said...

hambaAllah yang memakmurkan:
oh..maksud ayat "Kenapa kita senang terasa dengan orang yang kita sayang?" tu bkn sbb makin sayang makin tak boleh diusik. ktorg mmg tak terasa bab usik-mengusik ni..mmg benda tu pun yg mengeratkan. tp ni dari segi bila dh makin sayang...benda2 kecil yg maybe biasa bg org lain, boleh buat org2 yg disayangi ni terasa. tak tegur sehari, terasa...tulis status gtalk lain sket, terasa...and so on.

terry bogart: yup2..in order to receive, we have to give la kan. i like ur view too...ukhuwah is all about love and sacrifice..nice way of putting it! without sacrifice, there would be no love..and what is ukhuwah if love is not there.

nurul: is this kak inayah? (pemberi mkn fries to angsa platfield..hehe). don't know that u're still following my blog. don't cry my dear. i'm sure u'll find a group of people just as great as sisters almanchesteri or even better!

i'm happy i got to know you along my life journey too..i hope we got to meet again.