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Friday, May 27, 2011

al-hubb huna

al-hubb huna. love is always around.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can't you...

Can't you just be happy to see those around you being happy?
Why must there be those other feelings during such happy time?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Allah Knows

assalamualaikum wrm,

ada pelbagai rasa kini
gembira ada..sampai rasa nk senyum tak cukup pipi
berdebar? sudah tentu.
risau pun datang menyinggah kadang2.

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apa2pun, Allah tahu

with each passing minute...I'm thanking Allah for guiding me this far (it's being 8)
please Allah, keep me under Your Guidance always~

[this is one of those entry that only i know what i'm talking about :D]

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future khalifah ^^, [2]


alhamdulillah..i'm back!
yeah..as usual..back in the middle of study week.
it's like this every sem, isn't it? hehe.

sooo..where did i stop the other day?
oh yes..the ever-so-favourite topic currently always discussed by sisters...kids, babies...and all cute things alike!

as expected, kak sarah gave birth to a cute baby girl on monday 4th of april at 4pm. alhamdulillah. all praises to Allah.

kakak nur and her cute little sister, baby lynn
(nur = light, lynn = tenderness)

semoga menjadi anak2 yang solehah ye!

one thing that was quite unexpected. kak ija also gave birth to a cute daughter on the same day. earlier actually. kak ija gave birth around 9.40am on 4th april 2011. lynn and maisarah are sharing the same birthday! subhanaAllah. to think that their mommies were in the same usrah group too - usrah Zainab al-Ghazali.

muka bengkak2 lagi..few hours after birth =)

nur maisarah uzma (light of greatest wealth)
day 16 in bota

abang mu'az! (maisarah's older brother)
mu'az will be 2 this 1st october
nur will be 3 this 30th september
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

on the same day that we went to visit kak ija (19th april), kak salwani gave birth to her cute little daughter. named syifa' :)
memang sangat ikut muka kak salwani nieh!
soooo adorable
can't wait to meet u little syifa' :)

so far most of the kakak i know gave birth to daughters. mmg betul la perempuan lagi ramai dari lelaki kan. oh, can't wait to named mine; wafaa' =)

praying in my deepest of prayers...so that Allah take care of these little khalifah. so that they may be the ones to continue the efforts on this path. please my dearests, continue what your ummi and abi are doing now. and it is the same prayer i'll utter to my own later on.

may Allah guide you always
and make you strong to face all that there is on this path towards mardhatillah
ameen..ameen..ameen ya Rabbal 'alamin.

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