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Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Blog

Assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt,

Alhamdulillah....selesai proses transfer blog entries dari blogdrive to blogspot. Kiranya secara rasmi hari ini Saujana Mata Memandang sudah menjadi Nukilan Rasa Hati (baca: dah pindah dari blogdrive ke blogspot). Kenapa pindah blog? Here's my final blog entry at Saujana Mata Memandang:

Assalamualaikum wrm wbt...

It's been so long since the previous blog entry...if I'm not mistaken it must have been almost 9 months isn't it? I don't know what went wrong....for sure the mood for writing has never been lost..it's just that sometimes the current situations doesn't help. What with the ever so-slow internet connections in UTP, the piles of academic stuff, settling tasks for beloved BH, sorting out other amanah...and blog-writing has become the least of my priority (although blog-reading is not~ hehe..) without me realising so.

Ok..enough with the excuses and justifications. insyaAllah with the new mood back in...I have decided that I should move up a step with this blog-writing thingie. It seems that Hafsah (or Kak Sya) already has her own blog in blogspot (jangan igt Along tak tahu ye Kak Sya ;) hehe). So I guess it's time for us to go into our own separate ways. With my life almost reaching 228 months (that's 19 years in normal speak), I've decided to move on to blogspot too.

Revealing the new house at >>
Don't worry...although I have transferred all of my previous blog entries here to blogspot...this blog will never be deleted though. This "Saujana mata memandang...sejauh itu hati meluah rasa" blog houses too many of my thoughts since the days when I learned what blogging is all about. The entries have their own atmospheres here (plus the comments from dear readers)...so I don't have the heart to delete this. Will always treasure the moments here.

Copying the entries from blogdrive to blogspot since the past week gave me mixed emotions...there I was laughing uncontrollably at reading my own writings back in 2004 and 2005. Still can't believe that I used to write like that...those very very teenage-girls-kind-of-talk...full of emotions too (I guess that's what they call jiwa remaja eyh?) ...don't know how to describe it. Maybe if you have the time you can go check out the archives (although I hope you won't go along doing that...it's embarassing~).

Moving on to writings in 2006...oh my, I was so mature then. What with being left alone in Manchester without my family...it really made me older than what I'm supposed to be. The writings can also easily make me cry. Even now I don't think I could write as mature and as berisi as that anymore. I was like a totally different person then. And so on it continues towards 2007 and 2008 with less and less writings it seems. I would have a sudden mood-rush (allow me to call it that) and I would write very looonnggg entries for a few days and without any warnings..the blog would be left empty of any updates for I don't know how long. I'm really that bad eh? Sorry guys...

It seems that as my ChemE Jan07 mates get more and more into this blogging thing...I'm getting less interested in it. More and more of my coursemates started to have their own blogs (good job guys~ love reading your thoughts), and day by day passed with my blog still having the same old entry. Sampai ada yang kata labah2 dh bercucu-cicit kat sini ye? Tak cukup dgn tu..ada suara2 yang berbunyi kata boleh buat gulai labah2 dh. For the motivations I get, I thank you guys...although it may be indirect like those examples above.

Let's hope this new-found spirit would last longer than before k. I have so much to share with you guys..seriously. So keep reading k ;)
Tak ingin memanjangkan lagi entri kali ni, jadi baik rasanya berhenti di sini dahulu. InsyaAllah ketemu lagi di lain hari.

Wassalamu'alaikum wrm wbt..

along: already have 3 tags waiting to be answered :D


~daie_soleh~ said...


hafsah nieh~
hehhee, maaf sgt, mmg sudah lama tak update blog lame tuh, and I have the other blog. One of them has become private, but another are still public...

gud to see your blog~

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

welcome back... haha

tengku Anis said...

ye cik rufai. nnt betulkn komen ea. mane la cik farhin pny ye~

tengku Anis said...

ish, nnt betulkan 'link'. mamai nih

eman ainol said...

yes!!!along telah kembali mengetuk keyboardnyer...

along rufaidah said...

hafsah: yeah..lame betul tak update blogdrive tu. dh ada hanifmarwa pulak ye skrg ni, nice~ actually dulu selalu jgk baca daiesoleh tu sblm diprivatekan. semoga kita sama2 istiqamah update blog..hehe

faris: uish..segan ni org yg rajin tulis benda2 berisi kt blog dtg menjenguk

anis: tu la...tercari-cari gak farhin punya. lepas ni kena jd rajin tulis blog mcm anis :D

kak iman: yezza..semoga jari terus menari ;)

beliamuda said...

yeah.. dah subscribe blog Rufi..

Amin Baek said...

fuh...haha..labah2 da lari..

along rufaidah said...

nipi: hehe...tenkiu~ bila org dh subscribe ni, makanya kena rajin update la..hukhuk

amin: uish..komen pedas tu. in a way motivate jgk nk buat blog baru ni.