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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 minggu 3 hari


just a quick jot down
today is the 24th of august and also the 24th day of ramadhan for the year 1432 (i love this year because of the dates~ :D)
u know what? it also marks "24 days to go" on the countdown calendar (O_o)
which is equivalent to just 3 weeks and 3 days (would you believe that? time surely do fly by without waiting for anybody)

tonight will be the 25th night of ramadhan ... we're already half-way through the last 10 nights!!
i feel that i've not fully optimised these 10 nights - let's hope that we're not too late to seek and grab every little bit of "cheap sale" available during this blessed month

during the last 10 nights of ramadhan in 1431h, i was having my internship...making such a huge decision during that time
during the last 10 nights of ramadhan in 1432h this year, i'm in my final year...doing fydp like crazyy night after night
i dont know where i'll be nor what i'll be doing (someone's wife already then :]) during the last 10 nights of ramadhan in 1433h (Allahu'alam)...let's hope that it'll be much much better than this year..definitely don't want to spend it staying up doing things like fydp -_-

oh, Allah..please ease all our upcoming affairs

gambar hiasan yang bukan sekadar hiasan ;)

may all of us always be under His guidance

along: seronoknya kak fye dah balik rumah fikir2 hal kawen

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