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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet 21 :)

thank you DEAREST sisters ... for the celebration, for the gift, for the love, for the thoughts, for the wishes, for the du'a, for the ukhuwah...for everything. hope it'll still be like this during next year's celebration..really want it to be the same :)

this year is quite something..maybe because it's the last one...?

this year's present (hadiah paling ganas yg pernah dpt >.<)
guarding last year's present from my sweet buddy (lampu hijau yg best)
along with fyp guidelines -__-"
along: 79 to go

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Masa || Al-'Asr


time is subjective. for different situation you will perceive it differently. subhanallah, all praises to the Creator of time.

Situation 1:
Ya Allah..cepatlah. tak sabar! berilah kekuatan ya Allah

Situation 2:
Result keluar minggu depan! Cuak2~ tak nak tahu boleh tak? >.<

Situation 3:
Allahumma bariklana fi rajab wa sya'aban wa ballighna ramadhan~
sampaikanlah kami pada ramadhan...mohon dengan sangat

may all our times are filled with ibadah towards Him.

spending quality time with sisters fiLlah for the past 3 days.
sweet? definitely! a memory to treasure

along: memohonlah pada Allah.