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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Curriculum Vitae


Bertemu kembali! Wah, mood mengupdate blog memang banyak di saat-saat paling sibuk dalam hidup sebagai seorang Pelajar Tahun 3 ini. Kenapa ye? Escapism from doing actual work? Erk~ :D

Baru sahaja selesai menyiapkan CV/Resume untuk dihantar kepada SIIU pagi tadi (ye, saya seorang yang suka melengahkan benda-benda macam ni). Malam tadi sempat tengok file lama dalam laptop ni, terjumpa CV yang dibuat pada tahun 2006 sebelum kemasukan ke UTP. Waktu tu dah terlepas mengisi borang online application, maka pihak ESU minta ana menyediakan CV ringkas untuk difaks kepada mereka.

Ringkas ke? Well, you can be a judge of that yourself. Seolah-olah mengimbau kembali memori zaman sekolah di UK bila ana baca semula CV yang ntahpape tu. Ana akan sertakan di sini sebahagian dari ayat-ayat panjang dalam CV tersebut ;P

Personal Information

I am a very hard-working student with good achievements in my studies. I am very particular with anything I am working on and always make sure that it is finished up to a high standard. It could be said that I am quite a perfectionist. I also have very good leadership skills and can handle most situations pretty well. I was chosen as student of the year consecutively for the year 2004 and 2005.

My particular interest would be in the area of science as it explains the reasoning behind life and the matters surrounding it. It is hope that I could further my studies in this field and contribute something to the society.

I also enjoy reading very much in as it opens up the windows to the outside world leading to a variety of great knowledge available around us. In addition to that, my hobbies include collecting stamps and coins from different countries all over the world. This has given me the opportunities to learn more about these countries through their different cultures and customs.

Bila baca perenggan Personal Information tu, terasa "Wow, pandainya goreng ayat dulu2 tu". Minta maaf la, banyak ayat promote diri di situ. Nasib baik berjaya masuk UTP kan..alhamdulillah.

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have always been a responsible person since I was in primary school being a school prefect for four years in the year 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2002. During my secondary education at Manchester Academy, I was successful in my application to become a school ambassador at the end of Year 9 in 2004. I have since represented the school in many important events as well as acting as an escort for many VIPs. Some of my duties and roles involved being an usher at Parents’ Evenings, organising the registration for parents and students during school events, escorting visitors around the school, escorting Year 6 students on Induction Day and many more responsibilities. Being an ambassador has taught me a lot of things through experience which I cannot gain anywhere else. I feel a certain loyalty to the school when I am representing myself as part of the school to parents and other outside contacts.

At Manchester Academy, I have taken part in the sponsored events such as the one run by the Spanish Department to send school equipments to Venezuela. I have also supported staff in their efforts to raise money for charity events, for example, the earthquake in India and tsunami in Indonesia. I was also involved in raising-money towards the humanitarian aid for the Palestinians. For the last three years I have donated cans for the Senior Citizens’ Christmas parcels which is an effort to strengthen the relationship between the school and the community.

I have attended the ‘Central Manchester Aimhigher Conference’ which is an introduction to the world of work assisting the Year 10 and Year 11 Students in deciding their next step in the path towards their chosen careers. I have also taken part in events organised by the University of Manchester, which have involved college talks, mock interviews, self-research programmes and attending lectures in the university’s medical department.

In April 2006, I have been chosen to represent and lead the school team for ‘Chemquiz’ organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry in association with the Manchester Metropolitan University. The quiz was attended by about 40 schools from around the Greater Manchester.

Panjangnya~ Nasib baik la tak buat macam tu dah utk CV for internship ni. Kalau tak, memang semestinya lebih 4 muka surat. Tak perlu baca kalau tak sanggup. This is for my own amusement anyway. Simpan kat sini, nanti dh 'tua2' nak baca semula boleh la kan. Seronok zaman aktif-aktif di sekolah dulu! Walaupun sekolah di UK tiada kelab, badan beruniform, program, events dan sebagainya seperti di Malaysia...terasa bernasib baik juga la sebab dapat pendedahan dari sudut yang berbeza.

Employment History
Date: 13/06/2005 to 17/06/2005
Company: St Luke’s CE Primary School, Manchester, UK
Job Title: Classroom Assistant
Supervisor: Mrs Pauline H Palmer
Position: Foundation Stage/KS1 Co-ordinator

As part of the education’s curriculum requirement, I had a Work Experience Placement towards the end of Year 10 in 2005. I applied for the position of classroom assistant at St Luke’s CE Primary School and was accepted as the classroom assistant for the Year 2 Class. I was pleased to get this opportunity as I know it could help me greatly with my communication skills, both with those younger and older than myself.

My main duties involved preparing breakfast for the students attending the Breakfast Club in the morning, assisting the class teacher with the lessons planned for the day, arranging the class, creating a new filing system for the books, managing the pupils during playtime and also handling small groups of pupils in certain subjects. I soon learnt that having the day plan ahead is very important as the teachers would be able to prepare any equipments or materials needed in advance. Health and safety also plays a big part in a primary school such as this and it taught me to be more careful, especially with anything concerning the pupils.

At the beginning of my one-week placement, I felt that I was thrown in at the deep end and had to learn the class procedures very quickly. I may have felt this way because I was quite shy at first. Soon, I gained confidence as all members of the school, including my supervisor and the headmistress, were very supportive. This experience has improved my communication skills greatly and taught me the meaning of responsibility. Even though I am not planning to work in the primary teaching profession, it is the experience gained that is of the greater value. My supervisor was very pleased at the way in which I adapted to this ‘world of work’ experience and I received a very good report from the school (please refer to the ‘Employer’s Report’ attached).

This is what I like best about the education system over there! Sebagaimana kita di level universiti ada latihan industri/praktikal, begitu juga kami di sana. Sesi 'Work Experience Training' selama 2 minggu (tapi sekolah ana buat seminggu je sebab tak cukup masa) dalam semester persekolahan (bukan waktu cuti ye) memberi cukup banyak pengalaman baru yang semestinya tidak mungkin didapati dari kelas.

Semoga ana juga bakal melalui pengalaman yang sama semasa 32 minggu tempoh internship nanti. Doakan segalanya ya!

InsyaAllah lepas ni mungkin ana akan cuba publishkan entries yang banyak dalam draft tu.

Wassalamu'alaikum wrm wbt

along: banyaknya kerja untuk minggu depan
PPD - Assignment Heat Exchange Network (24/2)
CPDC - Laplace Transform and Transfer Function examples (22/2), Lab Report (23/2)
TP - Assignment 1 (22/2)
PCS - Outline for Individual Presentation (25/2)
Econs - Test 1 (25/2)

tak sabar nk pegi Kedah weekend depan!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How about my Wafa'?

Assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt,

Well..I'm not really planning to write an entry, yet alone finish writing up other half-done entries in draft. Especially during this so-called hard times...that I'm beginning to think would I ever manage to go through 3rd Year 1st Sem. However, I just finished reading a blog entry at Kak Aliyah's and Akh Mus'ab's shared blog and I seriously love this one entry that I would like to share it here.

Before that, the first thing that attracted me into reading that entry is the title "Adventures with Wafa': a prologue". Why is it so? Firstly - I don't know why - , the first thought that came into mind was "Wah, this must be about her car". And the second thought following the previous one, "Hey, that's the name I want to give for my first car (to-be...don't know when la kan)...it's taken already!". The custom of naming our belongings with names started when I was in the UK. There we have cars by the name of Andalus, Pak Pandir, Nusaibah and I don't remember what else. Even the shared printer and the bicycle in the house that I shared with the sisters there got their own names! Once I have my own laptop, I named it "Andalus II" (Andalus I was a car in the Manchester, hehe).

The custom continues when I joined the K-Perak family. Here in UTP we used to have Syifa' (now Syifa' is gone and the owner replaced her with Alyona) and Waseem. Currently, Najah, Fateh and Fish is still here with Dinar joining the family. Apart from that we have Muneer (the projector which "gives out light") and Basyeer (not official yet - the speaker which is "the bearer of good news"). And since then, I have my own dream to name my car by the name of Wafa' - faithfulness...janji setia yang tidak berbelah bahagi. My sisters here know that very well. Until I read that blog entry! Kak Aliyah's car is named Wafa' too. Would that put me off naming my car-to-be Wafa'? Of course not! I love the name. I can always change it to Wafaa' anyway :D

Hey, Rufaidah...where are you going rambling out of topic? hehe

Back to my main point, the entry is really2 good. Applicable also to me who have not driven a car for almost 2 years (lesen P pun dah nak habis dah..). I guess I'm still looking for that moment when I'll be really FORCED into driving...I suppose only then I'll have enough courage to drive. What's with internship coming up, I'm really worried with my inability to drive, huhu :S

Here...have a read and tell me what you think. The part in green below is the one that I added.


Adventures with Wafa’: the prologue

I used to utterly loath driving. And I still do, to a certain extend. I hated it so much, that even a car unused at home and a neighbourhood deprived of public transport did not push me to the steering wheel. -- so true, even with my brothers and sisters nagging at home...I'm still not up to it yet.

I remember Ummi threatening me, that she would not give a cent if I were to take a refresher course a few years from now, when I start working, to start driving again. Being adamant that I would be married by then, I simply shook my head and said, “OK”. -- would I be married by then? haha..yang pasti sebelum intern ni mmg tak sempat dah la.

Ungrateful creature hehehe.

I had a phobia against driving. My driving course took twice as long as others, as I kept cancelling lessons with IMKEDA, having cold feet against driving in KL. And while I passed my driving test, I refused to touch the wheel ever again.

Miraculously, two short events changed my life… And put many people in danger (ke?) for quite some time, I think. Kauthar would attest to that.

One, was one day, we were in the car coming back from a program- me with my murabbi when suddenly out of the blue, one of them posed the question- “Apa kata Alya beli kereta?” -- I had this too "Along, kalau awak minta kereta mesti dapat. Minta la dari parents awak" (erk, minta apanye, drive pun tak reti)

Honestly, while my lips muttered a quiet yes, all I thought was how ridiculous the idea was. Not only did I not drive, I did not even like it!

Huu. end of event number 1.

Event number 2.

One fine day, during summer holidays in Malaysia.

The phone rang, and bibik came running to me in the kitchen, saying it was for me. Which was weird, since most of my friends knew my mobile number. It was a kakak, who was the mas’ulah of our big summer program then, who took my number from the database we filled in before coming home for summer- hence the use of the house number.

“Aliyyah, awak datang program kita kat Alang Sedayu tu kan?”


“Haa. Awak ada kereta kan, jadi runner ya.”

If my eyeballs could really bulge out of its socket, it would. Me? Me, the Aliyyah who remembers not the function of the gear. Me, who hasn’t driven for 3 magnificent years.

“Akak, saya dah 3 tahun tak drive..”

“Awak ada kereta kan? Parents awak mesti bagi awak keluar kan? Lesen hidup kan? Haa then apa lagi? Boleh ya. Akak takde orang lain ni..”


That marked, the start of the journey, of how pure hatred slowly dissolved, and a love formed between wafa’ and her owner… -- when would that be for me??

In it, is a deep lesson. An enlightening journey, a beautiful experience..

It is a story of a human’s potential. To change. Of islah. Of hijrah- from a state deep down below the sea level, to emerge victorious for the sake of Allah. -- this is the part that really touched me deep.

Barangsiapa berhijrah di jalan Allah, niscaya mereka mendapati di muka bumi ini tempat hijrah yang luas dan rezeki yang banyak. Barangsiapa keluar dari rumahnya dengan maksud berhijrah kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, kemudian kematian menimpanya (sebelum sampai ke tempat yang dimaksud), maka sungguh telah tetap pahalanya di sisi Allah. Dan adalah Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang. (4:100)


Pray that I would start driving soon ok?
Break-time over, I better get back to the huge pile of works waiting.

Until we meet again. Next time I feel an urge to write, I would write, insyaAllah...like what I'm doing now...so that the blog would not be left with the same entry.

Wassalamu'alaikum wrm wbt

along: i'm presenting tomorrow for PCS. cuak~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bila nk update ni Along?

Assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt,

Haih~ Bila ek?

Nak update sangat2....banyak entri tersimpan di dalam draft.
- entri tahun baru...meninjau aktiviti2 sepanjang 2009 --> relevan lagi ke nk post?
- entri menjadi muallimah hari 2-9 (summarisekan + gambar anak2 murid yang comel) --> mesti update!
- entri analogi buat lemon meringue pie --> ikut mood jelah~
- entri rindu kakak2
- dll entri

Tapi...bila ek?

along: sekarang di rumah..cuti2 CNY~ naik train ke KL petang ini jam 1815 dari batu gajah. pulang dari KL ke batu gajah hari isnin jam 2145.