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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

future khalifah ^^,


hearing soooo many good news from my lovely sisters lately

kak samihah (zaujah akhi khairul presiden KnL) just gave birth to a healthy 2.8kg baby boy last week on 22nd march 2011
alhamdulillah ^^,

baby abdul rahman arsyad day 1 :)

baby arsyad day 7 - subhanallah...besarnya baby ni! geram :D

a day after kak samihah, it's kak safura's turn
kak safura gave birth to a healthy 2.77kg baby girl on 23rd march 2011 - same birthday as ustazah mashitah :)
alhamdulillah ^^,
hanan's little sister - beberapa jam setelah melihat dunia dah pandai senyum =)

baby syifa' day 2 - love the name! ;)

insyaAllah...kak sarah (ex-usrah ZAG's member) is due for her second baby around early april (EDD = 04.04.11). can't wait for the day. i'm sure nur can't wait to be a kak long too!

kak salwani (ex-ameerah usm penang) is also due for her baby around early april (seee...how can i not get soo excited! march-april is like the month of babies...one after another =]). Since kak salwani will be in terengganu for berpantang....i hope to see kak salwani with the baby around june perhaps :)
there will be more babies in DP by that time..hehe!

around 2 weeks after kak sarah, kak ija (ex-usrah ZAG's member) will follow suit with her second baby too! we will visit kak ija and the baby for sure if you're to undergo confinement in bota =). mu'az will be sooo cute being an abang long by that time!

ok..enough about babies ^_^
let's hope we'll hear moreee good news from k-utp's sisters within these few months
(aaa..can't believe that i'm in that stage where people around me are getting married/pregnant/having babies -- baru terasa tua :P)

more importantly, let's pray so that these little khalifahs will be the future mujahid and mujahidah upholding the right of islam in the future. carrying on with the da'wah and tarbiyyah efforts as started by our beloved prophet muhammad s.a.w.
ameen. insyaAllah.

along: teruja pulak nk baca buku2 tarbiyyatul aulad (pendidikan anak2) kan =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

one thing at a time =]

assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt,

dearest blog (and readers...err...if there's any that is),

i am sorry for abandoning you for so long. what excuses now?
there's no specific excuses really. i just don't feel like it =]

just want to jot down few quick words
so that one day i may read this..and perhaps smile?

final year is really something
you don't have a lot of classes..so should be free right?
oh..but no -_-"
there's something called FYDP (final year design project) which is haunting everyone with the title of 'chemical engineering final year students'.
plus tons of other projects too.
i guess this is the last push UTP is giving us in order to prepare us for the so-called world of work, eh?

plus..of course...the da'wah n tarbiyyah responsibilities
i'm not complaining about that
because i know...the challenges to be faced after university life is so much greater
if i can't survive now, would i be able to survive later on?
with work, family, kids, a house to look after...(and the list goes on and on)
please pray that you and me will always stay steadfast on this path
until the day Allah take our lives..ameen.

there's also some other stuffs too. hurmm...

but heyy...i can do this!
just do one thing at a time.
kak may's FB status today: big change starts from small steps
so let's make that small steps...hand in hand..together.

whatever your problem, smile =)
that's what pak alwi al-atas said during his sharing last two weekends.

identify what's important and what's urgent
that's what umi ina reminded during the murabbi training last saturday

"umat islam harus cemerlang...hari ini mesti lebih baik dari semalam.
jangan buang masa..siapa kata kita tidak boleh..kita ada Allah Maha Kuasa
kita punya kuasa tenaga....doa sebagai senjata..umat Islam sentiasa boleh"
that's what i heard from the nasyid Menuju Wawasan by UNIQ while i'm typing this

this is one of the things keeping me going
i sooooo want to be a good environment engineer
not only for us today...but for our future generation

this is us during one of our programs
i LOVE these sisters soooooo much
i so hope that it will stay so...even after any of us got married, have kids, move away..
i LOVE them so much that i can't even imagine what it would be like if that were to happen
please Allah....keep our hearts together..even if we're apart

ameen..ameen...ameen ya Rabb

ya Allah...please ease everything that we're going through right now
please Allah
give us strength and show us the way
keep us under Your guidance always

- an 'abid and khalifah of Yours -

along: entry yang agak pening2. sedang memberi nasihat kepada diri sendiri