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Monday, September 28, 2009


Assalamu'alaikum wrm wbt,

How's ur iman today people? Hope it is better than yesterday, if not...don't feel degraded. Ups and downs in ur iman level is normal as long as it doesn't go beyond the boundaries. We are all human after all, we are not angels without al-hawa' and an-nafs...so it is only normal that our iman won't stay static at the same level all the time.

When I first created this blog, I've told you before that I've got 3 tags waiting right? And those tags are still there waiting to be answered :P I'm a bit lazy with this tag thingie. Anyway, here's a tag from mr terry bogart, thank god it's short and sweet and so I'm a little bit more willing to do it.

The Rule
1. Copy the picture below, and paste it in your post. 2. Tag 10 friends and ask them to do the same.

Here I would like to tag my beloved sisters in the big family.
Cik Asma' >> sorry if this is not in accordance with your blog's theme :P
Cik Hazwani >> nanny berjaya..hehe
Cik Fatimah >> a loving sister who's great in the kitchen
Cik Filzah >> never-ending love for her Najah, Tuffah, Rayna....lagi?
Cik Hafsah >> someone I've known longest among the sisters
Cik Farhin >> pencinta Salahuddin al-Ayubi yang setia
Cik Izzati >> may ur new-found strength to get back up lead u straight on this path.
Cik Maymunah >> yeah...i know dear. i wont put ur blog address here anymore :D
Cik Nola >> my cute sister whom i admire for her eagerness to learn more and more
Gengbiskutmeri >> I would like to see Kak Hannan or Kak Mira to answer this tag and post it in the blog

Amal islami is not an easy thing to do..what more talking about 100% amal islami. But that is what all of us (me and you who's doing the tag..and whoever out there who's reading this) should always aim to do though. I know it's not easy, as all of us have often heard..."jalan ke syurga tidak dihampar dengan permaidani merah nan lembut. Malah jalan ke syurga penuh onak dan duri di sepanjang perjalanan". However for us Muslims who have understood where we're heading and what is our final destination...we will always stay steadfast on this path because we know the rewards waiting for us in Jannah are incomparable to what is here, right? So sisters, moga kita tetap hati tak berbelah bagi ye.

May Allah bless~
Wassalamu'alaikum wrm wbt.

along: rindu sisters al-manchesteri jugak..huhu~


cik lebah said...

wah..cik asma ade bog jugak yee..secretto ye??

btw..it's ok now..u can link my bl0g..hehe..but..i'm afraid the readers won't get any benefit from it~~.huhu..
thnx dear for tag me!~

along rufaidah said...

cik lebah:
hehe..blog die best~ ;)
every little things u jot down have some benefits to the readers whether u realised it or not. mungkin bagi cik lebah benda tu biasa2 je, tp buat si pembaca mungkin itulah benda plg berharga yg die jumpa utk hari tu. ada kisah yg along pernah share dlm usrah along pasal ni. maybe later i'll share it here.

yeah..lepas ni boleh re-link ur blog balik la kan.